To stimulate, enrich, educate, and entertain the public.


At BothoTV, we value:

  • Access – providing community members with access to the media education, production and distribution resources available at Botho TV.
  • Collaboration – working with community producers, nonprofits, and other independent media organizations to bring original stories and perspectives to local and global audiences.
  • Community – participating as an organic part of the community we serve and supporting the work of local nonprofits, civic groups, and independent content creators.
  • Empowerment – building the media knowledge and skills of BothoTV’s constituents– particularly those whose voices are underrepresented in the media – to allow them to be heard in the public sphere.
  • Freedom of Expression – the right of all people to freely express their opinions, views, and ideas in an equitable, respectful and safe environment.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – celebrating differences, and respecting and serving people of all backgrounds and personal identities.
  • Quality Programming – authentic voices and quality programming that expresses the lived experiences, unique perspectives and interests of each person.
  • Sustainability – Ensuring sustainable practices in all programs and services so that future generations will benefit from having access to high-quality media education, production and distribution services and facilities.
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